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Word on the Tweet says Love is Blind

The Love is Blind finale airs on Thursday and the stans cannot contain themselves.

The Netflix original described as a three-week event dropped on February 13th and has had the twitterverse in a frenzy.

The concept.

For those not in the not in the know, the show is (unnecessarily) hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey and the concept serves as an antidote to the lust at first sight culture we’re in the grip of thanks to dating apps.

Thirty men and women move in to neighbouring quarters separated by a wall of pods - think a cosy living room for one, with a sofa, luxurious soft furnishings, mood lighting and a small drinks cabinet. Where a TV might naturally exist lives a glass partition which one participant accurately described as looking like a scene from Frozen.

Couples essentially speed date through the wall creating bonds based solely on emotional connection derived from what the person on the other side says.

Of course, some individuals failed to get the point of the experiment.

On being asked what he was looking for, one guy responded, ‘in shape and beautiful’ and another, ‘if I had to guess I’d say you are African American’.

Birds eye view of inside the pods.


In a culture that loves to binge watch, drip feeding episodes has really made this show take hold.

The first five episodes were released in one go and you got a sense of pace from episode one as participants declared their love and an engagement. *GULP*

This five-course serving allowed the audience to get fully invested seeing romance blossom, drama unfurl and understand the characters and personalities.

The weekly release of the following installments created momentum and hype online without the risk of spoilers!

The folks

There’s Barnett, 27 who you can imagine in his younger years being cast as a high school heartthrob in a typical American teen movie.

Despite not seeing him, Barnett emanates jock energy which consumed his dates, transforming them from woman, to girlie.

Jessica a 34-year-old regional manager, is one of the women who fell under Barnett’s spell, her voice literally raised an octave when they talked. She also had a strong bond with red wine.

Then there’s Lauren, the participant on the receiving end of the African American comment who using the lack of sight, answered ‘no I’m white’, despite in fact being AA.

A content creator, Lauren is relatable: “I want a man who will love me for me, not for what I look like on the outside, but who will love me on the inside.” Side note, I love her dress sense – I’m not in the experiment, I’m allowed to comment.

Watch the trailer


The show sees the couples leave the living quarters, move in together, meet some of the other participants they once dated all leading toward Thursday’s wedding crescendo finale.

Will they make it down the aisle? Will the initial connections endure? Is love really blind?

Eight episodes in, I’ve learned two things - the honeymoon period is real. Regardless of whether connection was made physically or emotionally first, the initial excitement always appears to wear off and that’s where the real test starts.

Secondly dating shows done well will forever make for great TV!